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After following both social media account send message on Instagram account. After verification you will get your sales code which you will be using for sales booking with us.

Unlock Exciting Rewards with Our Referral Program! 💸


Embark on a journey of earning with our exclusive referral program! Now, you have the incredible opportunity to earn money effortlessly by recommending TravCraze Tours to your friends and family.

How it works:

When your friends or family plan their next trip, be the travel expert they need! Share the magic of TravCraze Tours by recommending our brand and providing them with our contact details for bookings. If the client contacts us and confirms their travel arrangements, you stand to earn a generous commission!

Commission Details:

The commission you earn is based on the chosen travel package, ensuring you receive a reward that matches the value of the booking. Your potential earnings are vast, with different packages offering various commission rates.

Simple Steps to Earn:

Obtain your unique Refer & Earn Code from us before making any recommendations.
Share your Refer & Earn Code with your referred individuals. It’s the key to ensuring you receive credit for the referral.
Important Note:

For the referral to be valid, your referred person must share your unique Refer & Earn Code with us. This ensures a seamless process for tracking and attributing the referral to you.

Conditions for Eligibility:

If a client contacts us directly but fails to provide your Refer & Earn Code, unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for the reference and earn money program. So, make sure your code is shared during the booking process.

Reward Transfer:

Your well-deserved commission will be transferred to you after the completion of the tour booked by the client. It’s our way of thanking you for being an integral part of our journey.

Sit Back, Relax, and Earn Money! 💼

This incredible offer extends beyond you! Share the joy with your friends and family by providing them with your unique Refer & Earn Code. Remember, the commission will only be granted to the proud owner of the selected Refer & Earn Code.

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